Welcome to my blog and thanks for checking it out,my aim in starting this blog is to put my thoughts and experiences on being a vegeterian for many years and then deciding to follow a vegan lifestyle.

I will strive to put out content that is valuable and useful.Anything that I find that could be of value I will post on the site.I am hoping to post weekly but that isn’t set in stone.

A little about myself I am married with four daughters who have all decided to follow a vegan lifestyle except the youngest she is nearly there but we are letting her go at her own pace.We live in Scotland where it’s cold and wet and thats just the summer but hey you can’t have everything.

Like many people I tried to start up a business working from home on my computer without much success I may from time to time post on my experiences with that.

Many thanks for stopping by feel free to get in touch via my email below or leave a comment .